Finding Your Ride or Die

They say that when you find your ride or die, you’ll know. Whether you’re looking for the the car that’s going to carry you everywhere for the next ten years, or even the pair of underwear that will make you vow to never try another brand, finding your ride or die is always an awesome feeling. Today we’re going to share some thoughts about what we look for in our all-time favorites.


A Partner Who Stays with You Until the End

Did you really expect anything else to make the top of the list? There’s nothing like that wave of ecstasy that washes over you when you’ve finally snagged ‘the one.’ Your ride or die partner will stand by your side through all the rough spots, and no matter where life takes you, you can count on them having your back.



There may have even been times when you thought it was over, but your ride or die always sticks with you in the end. Why? Because they’re in it for the long haul.


A Best Friend Who Always Has Your Back

When you think about it, your ride or die best friend really isn’t that different from your partner. You’re able to talk to them about anything, no matter how weird things get, and you don’t have to worry about them ditching you when things get tough. You may have known each other since you were kids, or you may have met at work last year and just felt it “click.” Either way, your ride or die best friend is probably the most important person to you besides your partner.


A Car You Can Take Anywhere

Hey, no one ever said your ride or die has to be a person. A ride or die car will help you get from Point A to Point B without a moment of stress or uncertainty. You don’t have to worry about it breaking down or stalling in the middle of traffic, and you know it’s going to turn heads no matter where you go. Even if you don’t have your ride or car yet, it’s something to strive for—they say everyone needs a dream, right?



A Pair of Jeans for Day or Night

Your ride or die pair of jeans has to be something that you can count on. They need to fit perfectly and make you stand out against the crowd, but they also need to blend seamlessly with your overall look and personality. To top it all off, they need to be comfortable for any situation, whether you’re wearing them for a quick trip to the grocery store, or for a night out with the guys. Sounds like a lot of responsibility, right? That’s why there’s only one ride or die.



Let Max and Slate Be Your Ride or Die

At Max and Slate, our goal is to become your ride or die pair of boxer briefs. We’re confident that once you try our underwear, you’ll never be tempted to go back to your old brand again. We know you’re looking for a pair of boxer briefs that lasts through countless washes, and never unravels or shrinks. You’re looking for a perfectly-fitted pair of underwear that won’t ride up or chafe, even in the most intense situations—Max and Slate offers all this and more.



We know that it’s not easy to find your ride or die, but once you try Max and Slate, your search will finally be over. Our superior fit and unmatched comfort will make you wonder how you were ever happy with your old boxer briefs.


Once You Find Your Ride or Die, There’s No Going Back

. . . So try Max and Slate today! And if you aren’t completely satisfied (you will be), you can take advantage of our “Try It On” guarantee and receive a full refund. That seems like a pretty low risk to find your ride or die, doesn’t it?