Spring Forward: Making the Best of Daylight Savings Time

Spring is finally here, and that means the days are getting longer and warmer. Now that we’ve turned the clocks ahead, you may be finding yourself with more daylight than you know what to do with. With all the gorgeous spring and summer days that are inevitably coming our way, you’ll want to have a game plan. Luckily there are plenty of productive, health conscious, and fun things you can do to make the best of Daylight Savings Time.


  1. Go for a bike ride 

Riding a bike is a great way to get out and take advantage of all the extra daylight. More importantly, it helps you to burn calories quickly and stay in shape. You’ll be able to knock out your daily cardio while cruising around town and enjoying the fresh spring air. It doesn’t get much better than that.


  1. Take care of some yard work 

If you live in an apartment, you probably don’t have to worry about cleaning up the mess that winter left behind in your yard. However, all homeowners know the struggle of picking up the lawn after all the snow finally melts away. Here’s a pro tip: Break up your yard work so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Pick up sticks one day, rake up all the soggy leaves the next, and divide your chores into manageable chunks.



  1. Take the dog for a long walk

No one will appreciate a long walk in the extra daylight more than your furry friend. And even if you don’t have a dog, you can always go solo! Like going for a bike ride, walking is a great way to get your exercise and have a good time all at once.



  1. Start a vegetable garden

Springtime is planting season, and there’s no better time to start up a garden. Even if you’ve never grown a single plant in your life, you can always learn. When summer rolls around, you’ll be able to enjoy fresh, healthy vegetables every single night—and eating something that you’ve grown in your own yard is an awesome feeling.



  1. Go on a geocaching adventure

Geocaching is basically an adult scavenger hunt. Although it’s grown more popular in recent years, most people still haven’t tried it. Let geocaching be your new favorite springtime hobby! You can download geocaching apps on your phone, which will lead you to hidden treasures in fun locations such as parks or nature trails. Just be sure to leave a little something for the next guy! 


  1. Drive around and take in the sights

Sometimes, the wanderlust gets the best of you. Perhaps you’ll get the urge to drive around aimlessly on country roads. You may even crave a completely different city. When you feel like it’s time for an adventure this spring, Max and Slate will be riding shotgun.


Make the best of the extra daylight

This spring, find time to take up a new hobby and improve yourself. The dark days of winter are over, and there’s no time like the present to learn to make better use of your time. No matter what you decide to do with all the extra daylight, Max and Slate will be with you all the way.