Summer Jam Sessions with Max and Slate: Happy Birthday Ringo!

There’s no better way to cool off from your 4th of July festivities than kicking back and listening to some soothing tunes. And since July 7th is Ringo Starr’s birthday, why not give your old Beatles records a spin? Today, we’ll learn a bit more about one of the most iconic musical acts of our time. Who knows, reading about the Beatles might even give you the inspiration to start your own band this summer!


The Band that Turned the World Upside Down

Ringo Starr was only one piece of the four-man act that got worldwide attention in the early 1960s. Along with his bandmates John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison, Ringo got the entire world addicted to rock ‘n roll. Back in the early 1960s, when America was still addicted to swing and doo-wop, the Beatles came over from England to turn the tables. Today, the Beatles hold the coveted title of “the bestselling band of all time.” And after selling over 800 million items worldwide, their throne won’t be up for grabs anytime soon.



Some of their best-known songs are Yesterday, Here Comes the Sun, Penny Lane, I am the Walrus, and Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. However, they wrote over 236 original songs in their heyday. It’s safe to say that almost everyone alive in America today has heard at least one of their songs, and that’s no small feat.


Happy Birthday to Ringo

This July 7th is Ringo Starr’s 78th birthday, so we’ve decided he deserves a moment in the spotlight. He’s an inspiration to drummers around the world, and he even owns his own record label. After the Beatles disbanded, he’s enjoyed a rich solo career, and he continues to release new singles in the present day. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to catch him on tour! As of 2018, he’s still going strong and touring the U.S. on a regular basis.



Summer is the Best Time to Start Your Own Band

So has the story of the Beatles inspired you to conquer the world with your own band yet? In the world of music, it’s a universal fact that summer is the best time to hook up with some friends and start jamming.



Maybe you want to follow in the footsteps of the Beatles and play some good old fashioned rock—or perhaps you want to try something a bit different and write some country, jazz, or even metal. Either way, you’ve got nothing to lose. Worst case scenario, you end up having a great time with your friends in your buddy’s garage.


If You Get Famous, Don’t Forget Max and Slate

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