The Ultimate Father's Day Gift Guide

This Father’s Day, Max and Slate is here to help you think outside the box. We’ve come up with these one-of-a-kind ideas so you don’t have to fall back on the same old boring gifts. While everyone else buys their dad a tie or a bottle of rum, you’ll show up to the party with one of these unique, creative gifts courtesy of Max and Slate! By following our Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide, you’re bound to be his favorite this year.


  1. Planetary Bottle Stoppers – Starting at $24.00

These Solar System Glow-in-the-Dark Bottle Stoppers are out of this world! These truly unique pieces are crafted from molten glass. And since there are six different styles to choose from, you’ll be able to pick a planet to fit your dad’s unique style. Whether he’s fiery like the sun, or cold and mysterious like Saturn, he’s bound to enjoy every sip with these awesome bottle stoppers.



  1. Homebrew Starter Kits – Starting at $13.51

Alcohol is one of the oldest, most overdone Father’s Day gifts of all time. But with these Homebrew Starter Kits from Northern Brewer, you’ll be able to put an awesome new twist on an old favorite. There are over 50 flavors to suit every palette, like Dark Cherry Stout Extract, Phat Tyre Ale, and Irish Blonde. No matter what flavor you choose, with these kits, your dad will be able to experience the brewing process from start to finish. Who knows, maybe he’ll have so much fun that he’ll end up starting his own brewery!   



  1. The Sportula – Starting at $19.99

Grill tools are another classic Father’s Day gift that every dad has received at least once. But with the Sportula from YouTheFan, it’ll feel like his first time grilling all over again! These awesome spatulas are laser-engraved with logos from hundreds of different sports teams. The site makes it easy to choose a Sportula with your dad’s favorite NFL, NHL, NBA, or MLB logo. Now, every grill day will be a chance for him to show off his team spirit.



  1. Farmer Girl Meat Subscription Boxes – Starting at $25

If your dad appreciates a good steak, he’ll love these grass-fed, pasture raised meat subscription boxes from Farmer Girl. Their pre-made boxes contain delicious options like filet mignon, grass fed ground beef, and heritage ham. And if those don’t seem like something your dad would love to sink his teeth into, you can design a custom box especially for him. These top-quality meats are a step above what you’ll find at the grocery store, and with the subscription, he’ll be able to enjoy them all year long!



  1. Max and Slate Boxer Briefs – Starting at $24

If you’ve tried our micro-modal boxer briefs yourself, you know the quality can’t be beat. And this Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to introduce your dad to the next level of comfort with Max and Slate. Our three packs give him the ideal introduction to our brand, and allow him to experience the excellence of our products firsthand. By gifting Max and Slate this Father’s Day, you’ll be sharing comfort and durability that he’ll be able to appreciate all year long.



We hope you enjoyed our Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide, and we’re looking forward to sharing more great ideas with you soon. Happy Father’s Day from Max and Slate!