Twelve years is a long time. That's how long it took to get Max and Slate from conception to availability. It’s enough to make big changes in your career, to watch your family grow, or even to travel the world. There’s no denying that a lot can change in twelve years, so why did it take so long for Max and Slate to bring their ultra-comfortable men’s underwear to the world?

The answer is in the fabric. Our top-quality fabric can only be made in small batches, and we use it for every last pair of our boxer briefs. We know you deserve nothing but the best material, especially in your most prized area. The fabric needs to be decadently soft. It needs to fit every contour of your lower body, and it should feel like it was made for you. It needs to be breathable and anti-bacterial. It needs to stay dry at all times, even through the most intense workout on the hottest day of summer. And most importantly, it needs to be comfortable.

Max and Slate knows exactly what you crave in the ultimate pair of boxer briefs, and we deliver all these qualities and more.


Now, we’re giving men around the world an opportunity to see what true luxury feels like. Our goal is to provide men all over the country with access to the best quality fabric, a personalized fit, and unbeatable comfort. When you choose Max and Slate, ultimate comfort and unparalleled style await you. Whether you’re climbing the highest peak in the Andes Mountains, or just heading to the gym after a long day at the office, we’ve got you covered.