Max and Slate

Mature. Sexy. Complete. These are the words your partner wants to hear more than anything. And these are the words that will come to mind when they see you’re wearing Max and Slate.

Unshakeable confidence meets cutting-edge style to create the most comfortable pair of boxer briefs you’ll ever wear. Our futuristic micro-modal fabric blend is luxurious and lighter than air, and every pair of Max and Slate boxer briefs will feel incredibly soft on your skin and hers.

Our signature blend of 90% micro-modal and 10% spandex underwear is designed to last, and you won’t have to worry about your boxer briefs fading or shrinking in the wash. Our micro-modal fabric is naturally antimicrobial, so it’ll kill odors before they have the chance to start. And its natural moisture-wicking properties will always keep you dry, even in the hottest situations.

Max and Slate offers a fit for every body type. We know there’s no one in the world like you, so our flawless fit will leave you thinking your underwear was designed for your own unique shape. Our ultra-comfortable tight weave waistband will never fold down on you. And since micro-modal provides such high elasticity, you won’t ever have to worry about the legs riding up.

Our boxer briefs provide unmatched comfort, and you’ll wonder how such a durable, reliable pair of underwear can feel so weightless. They’ll feel just as good right before you take them off at the end of the night as they did first thing in the morning.

Play, laugh, and indulge with Max and Slate. Our top-quality boxer briefs will give you unparalleled confidence and years of comfort.